Welcome to the official site of OBX Pony Parties. Here you can see what we offer to create that special day  for  birthdays, corporate events, or school fund-raisers.  You can  plan and even pay for your party on this website! To pay for your scheduled party, please go to our Additional Services page.  Please call in advance before paying to schedule your party to be sure the date is available.

About our Pony

Our pony's name is Albert aka "Big Al", and he is a 16 year old Shetland pony. He is owned by Kim and Ryan.  Albert  is a tried and true star for children of the Outer Banks. He has carried hundreds of smiling faces in the past, and loves what he does. Albert has been in shows, contests,  parades, public events, and every year he goes to Benson North Carolina for a 3 day vacation to a festival called Mule Days. From trail rides to the show ring, Albert has done it all. He has even been through the Drive-thru at McDonalds! This outstanding pony has been trained by professional trainers and is as good as they get. Recently, Albert has been trained in harness pulling, and we now can offer cart rides for kids and adults alike. Be sure to check out our page on Albert's Adventures to see lots of pictures of Albert and what he does!

How It Works

When you call to schedule a party, we will need some information from you. Please be ready to provide for us the date, time and location of the party. We also would like to know the number of children that will be riding. We also ask the age of the birthday boy or girl, and the ages of the guests of the party that will be riding. We do this to be sure our pony can handle the amount of kids and that they are not over our weight limit. Once you have scheduled a party, we will call a day in advance to make sure everything is in order, and we drive to your location to make certain there is ample parking for our horse trailer, in a safe location away from traffic. The day of your party, we will show up to your location, usually 15 minutes early. We like to get Albert acclimated with the environment, and to check to the landscape for any hazards. Once we find a suitable area to give the rides, we let the kids pet Albert, and get to know him. They always have lots of questions! Then we saddle up Albert and begin the rides. We bring a gift  for the special someone and a little something for all the children attending. Our Basic package is for an hour and a half.  We recommend making the party a surprise for your child, then in case of inclement weather and the party needs canceled or rescheduled, your child will not be upset.

Additional Services

We also offer many more services in addition to pony rides.  You can purchase  pony themed party supplies and games. For an additional charge we can  give cart rides to adults and children. We also offer special gifts for that cowgirl or cowboy. If you purchase any of  our additional games or party supplies, we can bring them to the party or deliver them the day before.  Please see our Additional Services page where you can pay for your party and any other extras you desire.  Feel free to call and ask any questions you have about our services.  


We make every attempt at making your party as safe as possible. We can provide a helmet for the children to wear if requested, and if very small children will be riding we ask that an adult walk next to the child riding in case he or she cannot keep their balance. Please note that  Albert is a small pony, and is only capable of holding children under 100 pounds. Please do not ask for us to bend the rules on this, as injury to the child or pony could result, and we want everybody to have a fun safe experience to remember for years. Albert can pull 2 adults in his cart, he is just not suited to hold the weight on his back. We want everybody to have lots of fun, but safety is our number one goal.